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Co-working Space

What is the Co-working Space?

Co-working Space is an emerging work mode that provides a comfortable environment for the social gathering of entrepreneurs to cooperate with each other in order to achieve maximum efficiency. We provide the perfect environment for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers or independent individuals.

Co-working space @ V&G is located at our Tsim Sha Tsui Centre. Our newly renovated business is located at the prime business district of Hong Kong with clean design and a touch of modern sense. Our co-work space is equipped with fast internet, essential office services, and work spaces including hot desks, work stations, and private offices.

Why Co-working space?

Business networking plays an important role for entrepreneurs and startups. V&G Business Centre has a strong existing client base of over 200 different clients in different industries including: Accounting, Art & design, Construction, Education, Trading, Finance & Investments, IT, Pharmaceutical , Production & Media and other NGOs etc. Through interacting with different expertise in our community it helps each other’s to create new idea as well as giving you some opinions about your business. In addition, our social community for like-minded entrepreneurs can learn with each other in shared knowledge.

Resources sharing is also very beneficial for co-working space, here are the service and resources for our Co-working space members:

  • Contract starting from 1 day and up
  • Equipped with coworking space facilities & furniture
  • 24 hours access
  • Free broadband internet service
  • Public facilities include printing, copying, scanning and conference room, etc
  • Discounted price on conference room rental
  • Water, Tea and Coffee
  • Lockers
  • Networking event

For leasing enquiry

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Hour Rate Day Pass Monthly Membership Quarterly Membership Virtual Office Membership
Charge HK$40/ hour HK$150/ day HK$1,500/ month HK$1,000/ month* HK$1,200/ month**
Type of space Floating seat Floating seat Hot desk Hot desk Designated desk
Free Wifi connection
Free Scanning
Complimentary tea & coffee
Printing & photocopying BW- HK$0.8 , Color- HK$2.00 BW- HK$0.8 , Color- HK$2.00 BW- HK$0.8 , Color- HK$2.00 BW- (50 free A4) BW- (100 free A4)
Meeting room HK$150 / hour HK$120 / hour 1 hour free 3 hours free 12 hours free
Service hours Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm 24 hours access 24 hours access 24 hours access
Access card
Registered Business address
Mail handling
Electronic-directory sign
Direct phone number HK$200/ month
*Enjoy discount if pay quarterly rate HK$3,000 in advanced
**Enjoy discount if pay annual rate HK$14,400 in advanced